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A customizable programming language

What is mushroom?

mushroom is a python based, open sourced, multi purpose customizable programming language designed to make programming more accessible. All expressions of the programming language can be changed without the need of editing the source code.

mushroom's primary goal is to make learning a programming language easy. All mushroom keywords can be customized to any language, they can be customized to anything really, which helps non-english users to get into programming. mushroom basically removes the need to memorize keywords.

mushroom also helps experienced programmers by allowing them to change keywords to boost their efficency. Besides, programmers of different languages can come together to work on projects by customizing mushroom to be similar to the programming language they already know

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About the Developer

mushroom is developed by myself Kerem Berk Bozkurt (special thanks to David Callanan). I am a highschool student who makes software that no one cares about.
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